Star Wars Episode VII

Spoilers, duh….

Top Christmas Songs

Inspired by the (mostly Bublé 🙂 choices on Top Four, Decided to throw together a quick lit of my favorite Christmas/Winter/Holiday songs….

“If I go with my gut I will do stupid things”

On episode 7 or Reconcilable Differences, John Siracusa said something that struck me, “If I go with my gut I will do stupid things”….

Worse Than Death VI


Worse Than Death V

So the cycles starts again, but this time when you notice it, there is a new feeling. Fear….

Worse than Death IV

Who is the sun? Apollo Vindonnus? Ha! As if….

Worse Than Death III

The sunset is approaching….

Worse Than Death II

And now, the storm comes….

Worse Than Death I

It starts slowly….

Non-sponsor ATR2100

Every now and again I’m going to post about a product I like. These are unsolicited and unpaid. Today. I’m going to talk about the ATR2100-USB, which I bought from Amazon for about $50. The prices seem to vary frequently, so it is going to be in the $40-$60 range….