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Why I am done with World of Warcraft

I have been playing World of Warcraft for 15 years, though I have never been what I would call a serious or even semi-serious player, but when my current subscription runs out in 3 months I think I am walking away. I’m not going to post some angry screed about the game or the developers…

Apple event

I guess a lot of people are disappointed with Apple’s announcement in that there were major announcements….

Star Wars Episode VII

Spoilers, duh….

Top Christmas Songs

Inspired by the (mostly Bublé 🙂 choices on Top Four, Decided to throw together a quick lit of my favorite Christmas/Winter/Holiday songs….

The Bechdel Test

You may have heard this term in the past, and you may not have—In which case it is something you need to know about. The Bechdel Test is a basic three question test to evaluate a work based on how it depicts women. To pass the test a work must: Feature at least two women…