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Remember? Probably not.

Memory is so broken in so many ways it is a wonder it works at all. People have many memories that are entirely false, though most people do not realize it or make light of it without considering the implications to their day-to-day lives. There is a term, the Mandela Effect, for the many shared…

iOS Passwords are very secure

All recent iOS devices have two very important security features that cannot be overcome. First, all attempts to check the password must be done on the phone. Second, there is a hardware limit of 80ms (0.08 seconds) before you can check another password. Neither of these security limits can be changed, subverted, overcome, bypassed, or…

Interstellar Travel

One of the mainstays of nearly all sic-fi si the idea that we will be able to travel outside our Solar System and eventually across the galaxy and perhaps even to other galaxies. There is a little bit of a problem with that idea, however, and that is just how far away those stars are….