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On Apple TV+

I am going to talk about Apple TV+, which has been out for a couple of weeks now and we have five episodes of all the big name shows. But I’m not going to talk about the shows, or at least not much. No, I want to talk a botu the service itself and the…

Apple 1 – FBI 0

The FBI has suspended proceeds agains Apple in the case where they were attempting to force Apple to write a custom OS for the use of the government to gain access to an iPhone 5C. In all likelihood, this is the end of the case, though the FBI has until April 4th to resume the…

iOS Passwords are very secure

All recent iOS devices have two very important security features that cannot be overcome. First, all attempts to check the password must be done on the phone. Second, there is a hardware limit of 80ms (0.08 seconds) before you can check another password. Neither of these security limits can be changed, subverted, overcome, bypassed, or…

Non-Sponsor: BBEdit

BBEdit is one of the few applications that I use every day. It may seem strange to pay for a text editor, but BBEdit is such a joy to use and does so much for me that I find myself using it even where they might be other tools that might be more efficient. For example,…

Non-sponsor ATR2100

Every now and again I’m going to post about a product I like. These are unsolicited and unpaid. Today. I’m going to talk about the ATR2100-USB, which I bought from Amazon for about $50. The prices seem to vary frequently, so it is going to be in the $40-$60 range….

The Rumor Mill

We’re three (or maybe four) weeks away from the next Apple event, and it looks like this one is going to combine the new iPhone and iPad announcements into one event. Does this mean Apple is leaving October open for another announcement?…

Pebble Time after two months

Well, the Pebble Time watch band has recently caused a rash on my wrist. There’s no blistering, but the rash is a bit tender and I’m not sure I can keep wearing the watch. As far as I know, I am not allergic to latex, so I don’t know what has caused this.

No, really, web advertising is broken

There’s been a lot of discussion, both on the web and in podcasts, about the broken state of web advertising. On the one hand, you have people who make their livings because of advertising pointing out that without ads, they can’t make money and they can’t provide “free” content to users and that users will…

World of Warcraft subscriptions plummet. Again

Blizzard announced that their subscriptions for World of Warcraft tanked again last quarter, dropping to the lowest levels in nearly a decade. The flush they got when version 6 came out has ended and players are leaving in droves with a nearly 50% drop since the end of 2014….

Apple Music

I’ve been listening to a lot of music via Apple’s new Apple Music Service. We’re still in the 3 month beta period, but I already know I’m going to be paying for it. A large reason for that is St Vincent’s Mixtape Delivery Service….