I have been playing World of Warcraft for 15 years, though I have never been what I would call a serious or even semi-serious player, but when my current subscription runs out in 3 months I think I am walking away. I’m not going to post some angry screed about the game or the developers or the company or anything like that, so if that’s what you’re expecting, move along.

There have been a variety of thinks that Blizzard/Activision have done over the years that I have found annoying, but none were quite enough to push me over the edge. I would have left had they not retreated on their threat to eliminate flying from expansion areas, but they did, so I stayed.

And I cannot point to any one thing this time that is different, but there are many many things that add up to making the game less fun.

There is one thing that annoys me more than most of them, but it hasn’t been enough to push me over, and that is that there has been a culture of laziness in designing quests and especially in writing quest text that lets the players know what the hell they are supposed to do. Ever since Blizzard outsourced all their tech support for crappy quest text, lack of location information, lack of objectives, incorrect maps, etc to Wowhead, the problem has gotten even worse. I logged in to an alt once and had a quest that said “go upstairs and find a book” or something like that. No information at all on where that quest was supposed to be. No location on the map, and I was no where near stairs of any kind.

With world quests there is often absolutely no information on how to complete a quest provided in the game, and you have no choice but to go to Wowhead (with its insane ad-load) to find out what you are supposed to do. I run two adblockers and a privacy add-on entirely because of wowhead, and I also only access it via a private browsing window. They’ve already leaked my account into at least twice, and they often have had very offensive ads.

Getting items that I cannot use, must delete, and must type “delete” into a popup to let the game know that yes, I really do want to delete this item that I cannot possibly use and the game knows I cannot possibly ever use. Or having other items that I still have to delete individually without typing delete just because Blizzard didn’t put a vendor price on them. Yep, gotta delete all that 370 azurite armor when you’re running around in 420s. Each one, one by one.

Or having items that you have no idea if you still need. I have several keys in my bank, and I have no idea what they are for? Do I need them? Who knows! I could go to wowhead, but really, I avoid that site as much as I possibly can.

Or the thousands of reagents and trying to keep track of which ones are useful and which are not. Or even which ones are current. How hard would that be?

Or the “essences” for the Heart of Azeroth which you can’t search your inventory for because blizzard doesn’t have “essence” indexed. I was on my main this last weekend and I found three essences in my bags. Who know how long they’d been there. They looked like some random crafting reagent.

Or having your highest item level be a ilvl 430 cloak and needing 415 or better in any other slots for an upgrade and getting six 415 cloaks in a row on random drops and nothing else.

And Blizzard claims the RNG is “fun”/ Fuck the RNG. Fuck it forever.

Or having zBlizzard remove all the portals in Dalaran because, HORRORS! people were using them. How dare players use those portals instead of hanging out in Storwind? They’re playing wrong.

But, I guess the worst thing that Blizzard has done, and they’ve been doing this for 15 years, long before Activision came along, is they listen to the worst humans on the planet, the players who post in the forums. Many disasters of WoW have come about from listening to whining “real raiders” who are butt-hurt because some people do not care about raids, or complaining because PVP players get good gear. Or listening to PVPers who complain that some people in battlegrounds are there to get quests done (the recent changes to “Old” Alterac Valley to fuck over people trying to get the mount were nothing short of obscene, even if they did not affect me at all). Or listening to the whining crybabies on the forums at all. Seriously, why doesn’t Blizzard lear the lesson everyone on the Internet has learned, forums are filled with the worst of the worst of the worst.

And no, I’m not complaining on the forums and no I am not writing to Blizzard and no I am not stamping mt foot and crying about how terrible Blizzard is and I’m never playing again.

Blizzard can do whatever they want, I just don’t feel like playing the game any more, and I don’t find it as fun as I did and the number of annoyances just keep piling up to the point that I am just, “Why? I don’t need this.”