Inspired by the (mostly Bublé 🙂 choices on Top Four, Decided to throw together a quick lit of my favorite Christmas/Winter/Holiday songs.

  1. Good King Wenceslas is an old song, and has a funky pseudo-folk feeling to is. Loren McKennitt’s version is lovely, but the version by Mannheim Steamroller is great, if weird. Sufjan Stevens has an even weirder version, which I really dislike. The Ames Brothers version, vocally, is pretty perfect, though the other elements od the song are… less good.
  2. Baby It’s Cold Outside. This song seems to have fallen into disrepute in recent years, I assume by young people who do not understand that the song is not about a man trying to convince  a woman to spend the night, but about both of them trying to convince her to spend the night. I suggest that anyone who doesn’t get this doesn’t know enough about the 1940s. It is also a great duet, so has been done by every decent pair of singers for the last 70 years. There might be 1000 covers of this song, but the version with Al Hirt and Ann-Margaret is as good as it gets. I do have to admit the Bublé-infested version with Idina Menzel is also excellent.
  3. White Christmas. Originally written for the movie Holiday Inn (Yes, it was not for White Christmas), this is the classic modern Christmas song. Bing’s version is still the best. This is a great album, and has another of my favorite holiday songs on it, Silver Bells, though this is not my favorite version or maybe this one.
  4. Silent Night. Despite being a heavily religious song, there is no other song that says winter holiday to me more instantly and completely than this, especially when sung  a cappella by a large choir. No, not the Bublé version. Nat King Cole has a very nice version, This one, by the Choir of St Peter’s is a great example.

There are many other songs I really enjoy, and it wouldn’t be Christmas without Beethoven’s 9th or our favorite Christmas Album, And the Angels Sing, but I also want to take some time to point out some of the songs I really hate. All the comedy songs seems equally horrible, and Rocking’ Around the Christmas tree is loathsome, but by far the worst holiday song is Jingle-Bell Rock which is possibly the worst song of all time; if not, it’s high on the list With the soundtrack to The Sound of Music and It’s a Small World.