Obviously, I’m a Mac user and my antipathy towards Microsoft has a long and bloody and glorious history stretching back long before Windows 95.

[Link to Video of Steve Balmer screaming DEVELOPERS! seems to be dead ]

That said, since Monkey Boy (see video) left, Microsoft has been doing a lot of things right. The new Office 365 apps are, shockingly, good. The current version of Word may be the best version since the incomparable Word 5.1 for the Mac, and that ran under System 7. The iOS apps for Office are also very well done. Microsoft has alway been capable of making good software, but they had a very bad habit of weighing it down with crap and making it very hostile to other platforms. That seems to be over now under the new CEO, Satya Nadella who has steered teh behemoth that is Microsoft into much friendlier  waters.

And now Windows 10 has been out for a few days and though I’ve had one very annoying problem with it (when I installed W10 fresh it refused to activate. I had to reinstall Windows 7, then install Windows 10) Windows 10 is good.

I mean good for Windows, of course, but this might be the best version since Windows 2000. Maybe. Windows 7 is still pretty good and Windows 10 is a bit flashy for my taste. One thing that is certain, it is much better than Window 8 or 8.1.

One huge advantage that W10 has i s just how fast and how good its search functions are. press the windows key and start typing whatever you’re looking for or want to do and chances are very good it will be there before you’re done pressing the keys. I’ve spent very little time actually in the start menu because I can just type ‘display’ or ‘update’ or ‘steam’ and I’m done. Granted, this is on a quad core i7 with plenty of RAM, but reports from people with older machines are that the speed of search is excellent even on old hardware.

Should you update? If you are running anything but Windows 7, absolutely. Update as soon as possible. If you are running 7, you can afford to take your time.

It is still Windows, so you have to be careful about what software you install and from where. It is still very easy to get adware, malware, trojans, and all sorts of not-fun-software. Make sure you don’t let anyone have admin access and run an antivirus of some sort.