I want to read those stories about Dani again.

Sorry, but the old posts will almost certainly not be coming back. This is a clean break and a fresh start and all that jazz. You can’t even get them on archive.org because when I did my blog every day for a month back in January I had my robots.txt file exclude search engines and archive services like archive.org.

Dude, why!

archive.org has posts from 2014. At least some, but all that other stuff, that was always intended to be ephemeral; I just never told anyone that. There was too much there about me and my life and the people I knew to simply leave it forever.

Seriously? Nothing is coming back?

While there is some slight chance that I will rewrite some of those post to improve the story, I mean more accurately reflect reality—Well, a reality, there is nearly no chance that the same posts will come back the way they were, except for maybe one or two that I am considering reposting. Sorry, Dani is not one of those.

Hate the new theme

Yeah, right there with you on that one. I might reinstall  Suffusion, I might roll my own (bad idea, I know), or I might someday figure out how to get rid of the grey shit.