We’re three (or maybe four) weeks away from the next Apple event, and it looks like this one is going to combine the new iPhone and iPad announcements into one event. Does this mean Apple is leaving October open for another announcement?

New iPhones and iPads.

This is for sure, of course. There will be new iOS devices, the only questions are what features they will have and will there be a new model of the iPhone 5/5S sized Phone (no) and will there be an iPad Pro (no) and will the iPhone and iPad add force touch (maybe).

The iPad Pro rumor has been long standing, but I think more and more that this is one of those products that Apple works on before deciding not to produce. The chances of their being a 12” iPad are low, but the chances of there being one in September are just about non-existent.

Will Apple still sell 16GB devices at the low end or will they get a clue and raise the baseline to 32GB?

No clue yet, we will have 16GB devices for at least another year. Hey, at least the A5 chip is gone, stop complaining.

New AppleTV

This one is nearly certain. A much faster TV based on an A8 or thereabouts processor, an improved remote (however, it doesn’t appear that the remote will be BTLE), and maybe even hardware support for 4K video. There will be an TV, it will probably come out in September and cost $100. The questions are will it have Siri (probably), will it manage HomeKit (yes), will it play more media formats (no), will it support third party player apps like Plex or Kodi (no), will it allow iOS style app store and games (no) or will it have a more limited app store with much stricter approval processes (yes). Will it have a new and better UI (yes) and will that UI still not be very good for large libraries (yep).

So, we’ll have third party apps on the TV, but not the huge numbers of iOS apps.

I’d love for Apple to do something really crazy with the TV and allow anyone with a second or third generation unit to trade-in for something like a 50% credit on the new device. This isn’t something Apple is likely to do, ever, but boy can you imagine the interest in the new TV this would generate?

New iMacs

There will be a refresh of the iMacs in the next two months with better displays (retina on the 21.5”? Probably.) and newer processors. They may be announced or they may just appear in the store.

New Mac mini


Unannounced features in iOS 9 and OS X 10.11

Almost certainly there will be at least a couple of important glitzy features in both iOS 9 and 10.11 that developers haven’t seen. Perhaps actual Siri for OS X, but I think that’s next year. Will we see some announced features quietly scrapped? Maybe. The split window full-screen is not quite ready, but that is probably more an issue with third party applications. It is coming, there’s no question of that, but will it still be in 10.11.0?

Mac Pro refresh

Not yet. And it wouldn’t be in the announcement anyway. Early next year though, most likely.

Watch hardware refresh

Nope. New bands. Maybe a PRODUT (RED) band, but I doubt we will see new hardware on the watch before next September.

27” Retina Display

If new iMacs are announced with Thunderbolt 3, yes.

Apple Television Streaming Service

Fingers crossed, but the outlook on that right now is dim. Maybe when the content cartel loses another few dozen billions in valuation.

Apple Announces unit sale on the Watch.

No. They might reveal that they’ve sold “over 3 million” or some number, but even there I think that is not likely.

Apple Car

Sigh. Look, Apple may be working on a self-driving car. I find it unlikely, but it is the kind of crazy thing they might do, but if they are, it’s not a product now. If they are it is probably a system that is a decade away. If they are it is even more likely to be a system for other manufacturers to use rather than Apple actually going out and building a car. But hey, maybe. Apple has always been int eh business of changing the world and they’ve done it three times so far. I’m sure they are looking for another nut to crack.


So, if all this is going to be in September, what is Apple going to do in October? Well, probably nothing. If they do host another event though, it will be to pre-announce something that is going to leak. This is usually new hardware that needs governmental approval (like the recent redesign of the Magic Mouse and BT keyboard) or something where the parts-supply is going to leak anyway.

But, it could be that Apple streaming service with a preännouncement of it coming in February or March. I don’t think so, but I can’t imagine what else they’d do in October. So, I’m going out on a limb and saying there’s no big October announcement. OS X 10.11 will come out late in September with iOS 9 and the new phones and the new TV.

One more thing…

Apple always has interesting projects that are close to being interesting products, and almost all of those products never make it out of the lab. Will there be a one more thing? No, I don’t think so.

But “One more thing…” is part of Apple’s DNA. Some people think of that as “Steve Jobs’s thing” but Apple is Steve Jobs’s thing (sorry, Woz). And by Apple I mean the current Apple. Apple NeXT, if you will.

In a very real sense the company that Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak started went under in 1997 and was acquired by Steve Job’s NeXT. The Apple that we know today is a result of that purchase and of Jobs’s ability to keep the company afloat through the release of the iMac, the culling of the product line, and the introduction of the iPod. This company has nearly no relationship to the company that made the Apple ][ (and that is both good and bad).

One More Thing has been Apple’s way of telling people, “Oh look, here’s something else cool that we are proud of,” but remember that the very first One More Thing was Jobs telling the audience at Macworld that Apple had made a profit the previous quarter.

And the most important One More thing was in January of 2000 when Jobs announced that he would stay on at Apple as the CEO, dropping the iCEO title.

Of course, no one knows for sure what will be in the September announcement (literally no one, Even Tim Cook is still weighing what to include and what not to include), but it’s going to be a fun one to watch.