I got my Pebble Time about a month ago. I went for the red version. I’ve used my original Pebble off an on since the first kickstarter campaign ended.

The new Pebble Time is much improved over the previous version. The most obvious improvement is that the screen is clearer and in color. The battery is considerably better as well, and the new software sports a new UI based on moving forward and back through a timeline. The UI works pretty well, but it’s of limited use to me since I do not pile up multiple appointments per day like some people do. The newest software updated ads setting for the vibration level and the screen brightness which were desperately needed.

Overall, I like the look of the actual watch face and the UI, and even the new band (very similar feeling to the sports bands on the Apple Watch). That said, there is one thing that bothers me about it more and more as time goes on, the double bezel.

IMG_0104The watch has a wide grey bezel around it, then an internal black bezel around the actual face. The more I look at it, the more it bugs me and the worse I think it looks. You can see in the picture how the double bezels shrink the screen down and make the watch a lot larger than the effective usable area of the screen. Apparently this was done so that the screen dimensions on the new watch model would match the dimensions on the old models. If this is true, it’s a shockingly stupid reason.

The screen is a lot better though, and I really like some of the new watch faces. Digitize is my current default face, but I also like TimesStyle quite a lot.

Would I recommend the Pebble Time? No, not really. For the price it’s not a bad deal, but it is ugly enough that I would not wear it to something like a wedding or a nice dinner. Granted, at least part of the reason is the fact I got a red watch, but even with the black one, I’d take it off.

Is it useful? Yeah, it does the notification thing pretty well and it keeps me from pulling my phone out of my pocket as often. I can check the calendar and see my text messages. I cannot reply to texts on an iPhone, as that feature is only available on Android.