Non-Sponsor: BBEdit

Written by  on January 16, 2016

BBEdit is one of the few applications that I use every day. It may seem strange to pay for a text editor, but BBEdit is such a joy to use and does so much for me that I find myself using it even where they might be other tools that might be more efficient. For example, I tend to use BBEdit via a shell worksheet to batch rename files, even though that functionality is built-in to the Finder.

Star Wars Episode VII

Written by  on January 14, 2016

Spoilers, duh. Read more…

Top Christmas Songs

Written by  on December 11, 2015

Inspired by the (mostly Bublé 🙂 choices on Top Four, Decided to throw together a quick lit of my favorite Christmas/Winter/Holiday songs. Read more…

“If I go with my gut I will do stupid things”

Written by  on October 27, 2015

On episode 7 or Reconcilable Differences, John Siracusa said something that struck me, “If I go with my gut I will do stupid things”.

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Worse Than Death VI

Written by  on October 22, 2015


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Worse Than Death V

Written by  on October 21, 2015

So the cycles starts again, but this time when you notice it, there is a new feeling. Fear.

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Worse than Death IV

Written by  on October 20, 2015

Who is the sun? Apollo Vindonnus? Ha! As if.

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Worse Than Death III

Written by  on October 16, 2015

The sunset is approaching.

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Worse Than Death II

Written by  on October 15, 2015

And now, the storm comes.

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Worse Than Death I

Written by  on October 14, 2015

It starts slowly.

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